Marine Fossé (Ingles)

Marine Fossé

Marine Fossé is the head of the French Desk at Aquit Legal and she manages issues with French-speaking clients and foreigners outside of Spain.

Originally from Poitiers, France, Marine graduated from the University of Poitiers with a degree in Law, Administration and Business Management.  She completed a Masters of Law – ADE at the University of Granada.  She continued her studies in France with a Master’s degree in business, as well as a specialization in French-Spanish legal counseling at the University of Pau in France.

While studying, Marine had experience in legal counseling and accounting work with lawyers, legal advisors, and accounting experts in the creation and structuring of French companies.

At Aquit Legal, Marine is in charge of the French Desk, where she advises on the legal issues of French-speaking individuals, professionals, or companies.  She specifically focuses on real estate aspects with clients who want to invest and integrate in Spain.  Additionally, she provides support in commercial and family issues.