Criminal Law

We work with all the negotiation and legal resources available to achieve satisfactory solutions to legal issues and disputes, with criteria of maximum efficiency. 

We work as a team – both nationally and internationally – with the most diverse professionals to manage and solve issues, legal disputes and human conflicts which are entrusted to us.

National and International Criminal Law
  • Classic Criminal Law

  • Crimes and misdemeanors against persons: homicides, injuries, offenses against liberty, crimes of torture or against moral integrity, crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity, offenses against family relationships.

  • Crimes and misdemeanors of damage.

  • Criminal Law of environment

  • Criminal labor Law

  • Economic Criminal Law and Corporate Law

  • Criminal Law of imprudence in professional activities

  • Criminal Law in relation to the Public Function

  • Crimes against public health: toxic drugs, narcotic drugs

  • Crimes against traffic security

  • Offenses against property and socio-economic order

  • Offenses against family relations

  • Offenses against the International Community: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, enforced disappearances.

  • Juvenile Jurisdiction

  • Liability claim arising from crime, especially car accidents and incidents of different nature.

  • Penitentiary Law.