Real Estate Department


Josep Maria Llull
Iván Baurrier Laucirica

Our Services

Aquit Legal’s Real Estate Department covers a wide range of civil matters in order to guarantee the legal security of the parties involved in any real estate transaction.

The lawyers who run the department have extensive experience in this area, having advised on operations of all kinds and magnitude.

The most prominent services of the Real Estate Department are the following:  

  • Leases
  • Buying and selling of real estate
    • Coordination in the search of the property according to the client’s request
    • Real estate due diligence
    • Down payment/reservation of the property
    • Purchase contract in a public deed
    • Registration and change of ownership
  • Mortgage law
  • Joint-property entities
  • Horizontal property
  • Organization of real estate complexes
  • Construction law:
    • Development and construction contracts
    • Advice to the developer/builder
  • Responsibility of different agents of construction
  • Evictions
  • Obtaining urban planning licenses
  • Planning, execution, licenses and urban infractions