International Mediation Desk

Aquit Legal has created the International Mediation Desk for companies and individuals who carry out activities in several countries and develop sustained international relations over time. The growing cross-borders and intercontinental transactions along with the consistent movement of people and capital, justify that any problems, disputes, and conflicts that may arise should be managed in a professional, agile, and efficient way outside the courts in order to save time, costs, and resources. Unlike arbitration and other adjudication methods, mediation allows parties to control the outcome of the process and negotiate a satisfactory agreement based on their business, professional, and/or personal interests. To this end, Aquit Legal provides specialized mediation services in all areas of private law, both commercially and civilly. The firm has accredited mediators and conciliators who work nationally and internationally to coordinate with Aquit Legal’s International Department and its various desks.  From these international desks, we take into account the multiple regulations applicable at the international and national level as well as the different legal, economic, and cultural standards.  We offer legal advice for the mediation process, from the beginning until its conclusion, including the drafting of the settlement agreement.

The International Mediation Desk provides services in multiple areas, but the most significant ones are:

  • Commercial or business disputes, between companies, partners, and/or stakeholders
  • Disputes within multinational and/or family businesses
  • Disputes between management teams of companies of the same group
  • Disputes between private companies and public institutions
  • Disputes arising in the application of the Compliance Program or the Company’s Code of Ethics
  • Cross-border and/or international family disputes, separation or divorce proceedings, disputes over child custody, or economic-marriage regimes with international components
  • Disputes concerning civil liability of companies and individuals, including traffic accidents with international components
  • Disputes in cross-border transactions and/or investments
  • Disputes in mergers and acquisitions of companies or funds
  • Disputes in joint ventures
  • Disputes in national and international real estate transactions
  • Disputes related to debt collection
  • Disputes related to wills or estates in several countries
  • Disputes related to inheritance distribution in any country
  • Disputes arising in the adoption or surrogacy processes
  • Management of disputes in the process of creating internal corporate protocols
  • Facilitation of prevention mechanisms, access to claims and/or reparation for possible grievances to individuals and groups of multinational investments, according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and National Business and Human Rights Plans

Mediators conduct processes confidentially, which can be developed in different places and languages, including Spanish, English, French, Italian, or Portuguese.

Additionally, we offer specialized coaching services for senior business managers and international expatriate staff (as well as their families).  We also offer specialized training in management and conflict resolution, strategic negotiation, and mindfulness for leaders and managers.