Marilda Cassago (Ingles)

Marilda Cassago

Marilda Cassago is a licensed attorney in Italy and Spain, and heads the Italian Desk at Aquit Legal, advising just as many Spanish clients with interests in Italy as Italian clients with interests in Spain.

Marilda is licensed by the University of Parma in Italy, and attended in succession the Master LL.M. in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations in ISDE (Higher Institute of Law and Economics) in Madrid.

She worked as an international lawyer in an Italian firm until she arrived in Barcelona to begin work for Ernst & Young, in the department of commercial law, where she advised multinational businesses and clients with foreign interests.

Throughout her career, she has maintained relations with the International Bar Association (IBA) and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) in their international section. Marilda continues to maintain a close relationship with Italy favoured by the growing development of the commercial relations between Italy and Spain, as well as by the cultural proximity between both countries.

After her experience with Ernst & Young, Marilda joined Aquit Legal as the head of the Italian Desk and a member of the International Desk in collaboration with the firm’s international team to strengthen the existing ties with Italy. 

In addition, her knowledge of the business market and her familiarity with the Italian legal system make it possible for Marilda to efficiently manage a wide array of operations, offering a competitive advantage and a personalized response to Italian clients according to their specific needs.