Cristina Flaquer (Ingles)

Cristina Flaquer

Cristina Flaquer is in charge of the Civil Procedure, Family, and Succession Law Departments at Aquit Legal.

She graduated from the University of Barcelona in 2005 after completing a series of complementary training at the University of Salamanca relating to criminal, business, and technology law, child care, and human rights protection.

She began her professional career at Roca Junyent, where she had her first experience with registries, notaries, and clients.  Afterward, she was at Barnalex Legal Corporation S.L. practicing as a lawyer until she joined Aquit Legal in 2010.

Due to her wide experience, Cristina has created the Family Law Department in Aquit Legal, being responsible for all judicial procedures.  She also advises on adoption and surrogate maternity proceedings, accompanying future parents throughout the process until inscription in the Civil Registry.

Additionally, she leads the Procedural Law Department where she advises companies (national and international) in the defense of clients’ interests in any litigation that may arise.