Josep Maria Llull

Josep Maria Llull

Josep Maria Llull is the founding partner of Aquit Legal, and he heads the Real Estate and International Departments of the firm.

Josep Maria is licensed in law from the University of Barcelona, and he has been a member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 1987.

He has a wide and extensive professional experience that was spent in large international firms (Baker & McKenzie and Garrigues), which have prepared him for the challenges of the global world.

In particular, his experience in large international firms has made it easier to work with a team and to understand the needs of companies and clients in general.

He has also taught classes on real estate law, procedural law, and negotiation at the International University of Catalonia and other institutions.

He specializes in the recurrent advice to expatriate clients and foreign companies in Spain, as well as in the field of international real estate and civil contracts.

His experience is also extensive in advising on international inheritances in Spain and in helping foreign clients better understand their legal and business issues in Spain.

Josep Maria considers that the treatment of clients and their affairs as well as the day to day impact on constant and efficient communication with them is of the greatest importance. A foundational basis of Aquit Legal is that clients receive an adequate service in the globalized world that we are a part of.